Cecilia Lea - Artist - Canadian Landscape Painter

I am very pleased to anounce my painting Cruisin' for a Bruisin' was accepted into the Nov 1 - 14 show at the Federation of Canadian Artists Gallery at Granville Island.


This is a juried show. I received the following from the Federation..... "Congratulations! Your artwork is approved for inclusion in the 2021 Animalis Exhibition. Of 196 submitted works, your piece was of the top 76 selected for inclusion in the live exhibition at the gallery on Granville Island in Vancouver, Canada". 


This acrylic painting is of one of the beautiful rams that I can watch on occassion, literally a few feet from the windows of my studio. They climb up a pathway from Sinclair Creek below.  Their path comes out in our back lawn. Although this guy looks like a tough customer, these amazing rams are very tolerant of us, know our dog is not a threat, and will even be courteous enough to pose for photos to be used as future paintings. My husband took his photo for me. 


The show runs Nov 1 - 14, and is also posted online. If interested, it will be availabe through the Federation Gallery - sales@artists.ca




I am doing some deep thinking about my art and have listened to several pod casts and looked up information on line for help. I can't believe how involved life has become since we have incorporated computers into our daily lives, and I have become more involved with them than I am comfortable being. If there are any of you out there who feel the same, let me know I am not the only person overwhelmed with being controlled by technology. 


But, I digress. I did listen to a recent pod cast that made some sense on some of its' points. One that it brought out was that an artist should stick to one subject, i.e. portraits, abstract, human form, food, etc.


I consider myself a landscape artist primarily, but, I have enjoyed doing some human form work, and really love doing old buildings and equipment. So, do I zero in on landscapes only? or do I play around with other subject matter? That's my question to you. Let me know your thoughts, whether you are an artist or not, I'd love some feedback, from all angles. 



Hello my art friends. 


How good to be into March. Somehow even though there is still snow on the ground life just feels so much better. I hope you are enjoying the thought that spring is almost here and we can start going outside again. 


Last year when we were forced inside with Covid, I started posting my Colours for Covid Daily Painting, along with a short story about each piece. I posted 90 different paintings over three consecutive months, in 2020. The idea was really well received so I was prompted to do it again. Last month, I once again began posting a daily photo of a piece of my artwork. I’m not sure if I can match the 90 quota from last year, but I’m giving it a good try.  My hope was/is, to bring some colour and happiness, using art, into your lives as we slog our way through this pandemic.


If you aren’t already following along with me, I’d love you to do so.   Head on over to



I also recently started copying some the posts on Instagram too. I’m getting way more “techy” than I ever thought I would have to, and still way too much to learn, but hopefully these links will work for you. 




This past month, I joined an online art gallery - Pacific Art Market. It is located on West Broadway, in Vancouver, but also has an online presence, which was of interest to me. I have several paintings represented there, and more will be added in the coming months. By using the link below it should take you directly to my artwork, right below the page for the gallery. 





As most of you probably have,  I’ve been spending a fair amount of my time online this past year. Yesterday’s National news had a piece showing how so many people are doing Zoom business meetings from home now, that many are shopping online for an appropriate work of art to hang as a backdrop in their rooms they have set up in their houses where they now conduct their business. What a cool idea, I really hope it takes off. Art is such a wonderful means of communication, so stands to reason it can add much to a Zoom meeting. People are putting a lot of thought into the business persona they want to portray using Zoom. Who would have thought? I love it. 


As always, I wish you good health, and hope you are all coping well. We’ve had a long go, but I believe we are seeing light at the end of this crazy tunnel.



The Federation of Canadian Artist's Calgary Chapter online show ran from Nov 1 - 15 and I was pleased to have been notified one of my submitted paintings sold. Always a pleasure to hear. 

Yesterday I brought 3 paintings into Centre 64 Gallery in Kimberley, BC. The show there will run from Nov 24 - Dec 24. It's an online show also, which is becoming a very popular way of collecting art now. It was to be a visual show but with our province shutting down as of yesterday, I believe it will just be online now. 

I have an email list and I am running special sales for Christmas for those on that list. If you would like to find out more about my sales, let me know your email (you can do that in Contact Me), and I will add you to my list. I have a great sale on my available paintings right now for members on this list. During the year I send out  occassional emails when I have a new painting to show, am entered into a show, or have a sale running, or an event I am taking part in. I don't send out many so rest assured I won't be bothering you but a few times a year. I'd love to have you join that list. 

I hope this finds you pleased to be through the worst of our Covid problem, for the time being,  and that you are able to get out and see friends and family if possible. It’s been a long go. 

A few weeks ago, we had a gorgeous sunset, which drove me to the easel so I could capture it permanently for years to come. 


This scene is from our side window and captures the Columbia River Wetlands to the North of us, in full flood. These wetlands are designated a Ramsar site, established by UNESCO to conserve wetlands of international importance. 64591e38-7776-4c14-8d10-7d4f7c1bcb2d.jpg

Besides sharing my latest painting with you, I am letting you know that I am taking part in the Columbia Basin Culture Tour, Aug 9 & 10, 10AM - 5PM. It will have a different spin on it this year as all venues are to be held outside, and we must observe physical distancing. I am praying for a rain-and-wind-free-weekend, so keep your fingers crossed for me, and be sure to mark it on your  calendars if it works out at all for you to pop in. The tour will be held throughout the Columbia River Basin with a variety of different disciplines showing their works. I will post more information in the coming week. 



Keep in mind that those of you who have purchased a painting from me before (over $100.00),  automatically receive 10% off a future painting, or more if you've bought more than one. 


5641d1cc-51e6-4e9d-a96f-4540bb793ae0.jpg My husband's book is still available.
There are about 40 left of the first printing.

Contact me for more information. It's a real page turner. 


I've been running a sale on all my paintings. There are still 3 days left to take advantage of 20% off. Shipping will also be included free in Canada and the US. All the available paintings can be veiwed on this site, and you can get in touch with me through here too. 


It has been a pleasure to share my paintings on my Facebook page, Paintings by Cecilia, for the last 69 days. I started at the time we had to confine ourselves to our homes. I have featured photos of one of my paintings daily, along with a bit of a story, in the hopes that people following my page would get some visual relief from thinking about Covid for a short time. I have had some lovely comments so feel that for some it did bring some pleasure, which makes me very happy. 


I hope you are healthy and able to deal with the challenges we face during this time. Thankfully summer is well on it's way and we can get outside and interact a little more now, but please, be careful, wear a mask, wash your hands, and be thoughtful of others. 

For the past month I have been posting one of my paintings everyday on my facebook page - Paintings by Cecilia. My thought is to reach out to those following my page with a piece of art that would hopefully lift the spirits, or at least give something else to enjoy and take our minds off the challenging times we are going through.


I started posting on March 22, and my original post stated that I would post a painting daily until our time to stay at home has passed. I may have been too bold in saying this. I have over 200 paintings that I can post, so really hope I will not have to post them all.  


So, please join me if you haven't already, check out my facebook page and follow along with others who appear to be enjoying the daily post. "Like" my page too while there if you would. Leave a comment too if you'd like. 


During this time I am still selling my paintings on line and will ship them out within Canada and the USA for free, and to other countries for a low cost. With June weddings coming up which will certainly be changed in how they will be celebrated, I can either send a chosen painting out to you, or directly to the couple to be married. And do remember each piece has a 15 day return policy, if it is not a piece that fits with their new home, or they can exchange it for another. For wedding gifts I will extend that return policy to 30 days. It's a win, win situation: You don't have to go shopping but can still present them with a lovely  gift that will last a lifetime, and they have a beautiful reminder of how much you mean to them, plus a piece of art to place on bare new home walls. I also have gift cards available. 


I hope you have found good projects or things to do to pass your time at home. 


Be thoughtful and stay safe. 

As I sit here at my computer on the second to last day of the year, I am enjoying reflecting on the paintings I did this year. Here is a sampling of 10 of them. Three were commissions. Five of these 2019 paintings found new homes this year. I'm pleased about that and can't do it without you, the art lovers out there, who keep me putting brush marks on blank canvases. It's been a fun year for me. 



Wishing you a healthy and happy 2020


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