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I have 4 new paintings for my Annual Christmas Art Show and Sale this weekend. They are paintings from our trip to newfoundland a few months ago, and will be shown along with close to 40 other paintings inmy home gallery over the weekend. I've done this for the past 3 years we have lived in Radium Hot Springs. I had several during our 15 years in Revelstoke. It has been a great way to meet people from my area, and enjoy thier company over the Christmas Season. I know it's early, but that's good if a painting needs to be mailed out. 



After a fabulous month holiday in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia it appears I have material for at least 3 dozen paintings. Last week I finished a 16x20 oils of a cool old boat beside a little red fishing shack. This week I have a good start on a beautiful bright, new dory, and a bright orange ocean sunset, using the photgraph below as my reference. 


 All three new paintings are Newfoundland scenes. 


We put 5,500 km on our rental car - unlimited mileage thank goodness -  in Newfoundland alone. We were there 3 weeks and although we covered a goodly amount, we barely touched the southern part of that unbelievably scenic province. And the people there are delightful, so very helpful and friendly. It was an amazing place to visit and I have to say, it should be on every Canadian’s bucket list. I have just finished going through over 1000 digital photos, and trying to figure which ones to set aside for future paintings. So many tough decisions. 


From Newfoundland we headed over to Nova Scotia to visit for a week with our daughter and her husband. We arrived the day before Dorian blew in, and watched it from the safety of our hotel window. Lots of trees down after, many were huge,  but Nova Scotians take it in stride, and just pull out the chain saws.


Now I am back into the swing of being an artist. The three oil paintings  I am working on will debut at my 3rd annual Radium Christmas Open House, coming up the end of November, along with a few acrylic scenes I will paint in the next few weeks. If you are on my email list, you will receive an email with the dates for this event, which is growing yearly. I have now extended the “bonuses” for those unable to attend in person. If you aren’t on my email list, just go into “contact me” on this site, and I’ll add you. That way you won’t miss any special events I have over the year. I don't send many emails over the year, so won't oveload you. 


For the month of November I will have a dozen or more paintings up at the Invermere Family Chiropractic. Even if you don’t have joint pains you can have a look at the display, they are happy to promote local artists.

I have the honour of being the Featured Artist on the Artist Run website blog. It will be posted on March 5, 2019. I received an email last week announcing this, which was a lovely surprise. 




If you click on the link above on March 5, and after that time, it should take you directly to the blog. If not, please let me know. I’d like to thank Dallas Jeffs for her nicely written Art Portfolio. 


I have been working on some special art pieces for the past couple of months. Both our daughters were married fairly recently. Vanessa, in December 2017, and Heather in Oct 2018. Both were asking for paintings as a wedding gift. 


I have finished Heather’s, which is a mountain scene in Patagonia, a place they loved when they travelled through on their 2 year around the world trip on their BMW motorcycles. I will give it to Heather and Dave when we visit them in their new house in Bellingham, this April. 


Vanessa and Omar’s painting is just in the initial stages. I have sketched it out. It will be a challenge. She is a landscape designer and wants a canvas done of a 5-acre garden she has created and maintained for the past dozen years. She sent many photographs of what she wants recorded when this heritage house and land sells. It is listed now. Where the challenge lies is to place her ideas on the canvas to make it realistic. These photos are from different angles, have different light, are taken at different times of year, and there are parts in them she does not want. She is making me use my brain on this one. But, time to stop procrastinating, and get started. Wish me success. 


I will put photos of them on my web site, and Facebook page,  once I have delivered them to my girls. 


Meanwhile, I am looking to find some warmer weather in our forecast. It’s been a very chilly winter here in the Columbia Valley. Stay warm, spring is supposed to be here this month.  




Playing with tones. This is an 8x10 done on board using 2 colours only, dioxazine purple, and quinacridone/Nickel Azo Gold. 

Hello dear art friends, 


The snow has arrived in the Invermere Valley which means, my Christmas Art Show and Sale is just around the corner.

It is scheduled for

Nov 30 and Dec 1 from 10 - 5


If you are interested in purchasing a painting this year, I have a new idea that you will love: discounts from 10 % - 40% will go in a jar for each person to pull one out when they arrive. I will have 50 coupons in there and everyone will get at the very least 10% off on those 2 days ONLY to use for any sized painting, a set of 5 art cards, or a mini painting (2x2 or 3x5 inch on its own teeny easel). 


For those of you who can’t physically make it, you can take part too. I will make up an identical jar with the same discount amounts and if you email, or message on Nov 30 or Dec 1, I will pull one of the coupons out for you. I’ll get back to you with your discount. There’s no obligation to buy. But this is a one time thing so will only be good for those 2 days. 


I’ve posted all available paintings on my Facebook page Paintings by Cecilia (not my personal page). There’s a link here on my web site. Be sure to go have a look at them all. There are over 40 posted now. While you are there please “like” my business page if you have not done so already. I’d sure appreciate that. It’s the “like” button at the top of the whole page, bottom left on the photo where I am painting plein air at Lake O’Hara.


Let me help you make your Christmas shopping easier this year, and send me an email, or a message me on  Nov 30 or Dec 1. Who knows, you may get a 40% off coupon, and there’s also 30, 25, 20 and 15 %’s in there too, so chances are you can save a bundle. I hope you do. 


I’ve inserted the painting I worked on in the David Langevin workshop I did at Bear Valley, by Lumby, BC. Super workshop by the way. I highly recommend David as an instructor. I did say in my last blog I would put it on here soon. Seems 5 months goes spinning by. I have done lots of painting though, and we were gone for some time in there too, so I’m not too remorseful about being late. I’ve had a super year. 




Enjoy the season with friends, family, and loved ones.



Moving does take it out of one for sure. I set up my gallery within a short time of moving in the Fall, had my first open house just before Christmas, sold some art during that event, and started getting back into painting again.


I took two workshops late spring, one in Canal Flats with Terry Isaac, and one at Bear Valley with David Langevin. Both these fellows are excellent artists, and both use a very differnt technique. I have tried both and this is the result of the one with Terry Isaac. The work done with David Langevin will follow another time. It's almost finished. The photo reference used for "Cruisin' for a Bruisin' " is my husbands. He took many photos right outside our door of the proud group of Rocky Mountain rams who walk by our windows regularly. It's a powerful site. 


Several of my paintings are on display at Headwaters Gallery in Canal Flats, BC at this time. 


We have just returned from a 2 week trip in our Mustang convertible to the NW States, and my hope is to really hit the easle over the next few months to have new work ready for a show at Pynelogs Gallery in Invermere BC in September. 


Enjoy Cruisin' for a Bruisin' . If you have an interest in it, contact me and I can send more photos and answer any questions. 


Have a fun-filled summer. It settles in 3 days from now. Keep cool. 

Well, it's been a full year for sure. We moved the end of August from Revelstoke, BC, to Radium Hot Springs, BC. It's been great, and we are so pleased we made the move. I'm back into singing in the comuunity choir, and I even have my very own art workspace. I have set up a gallery in our walk out basement, and I am amped up for an open house Dec 1 & 2 here to show off my new place and my work. If you are in the area, you can either send me an email here through the web site, or check my Facebook Page for location, and times. Everyone is welcome. If you come you may be lucky enough to meet our neighbours, who hang around here almost daily. They are a band of Rocky Mountain Big Horn sheep. We have had as many as 20 males here at a time, many of them full curl. It's pretty special. 


When we lived here in the Columbia Valley 20 plus years ago, I held my first ever open house which was not well attended at all, but I was flabergasted when I sold some paintings. I never thought anyone would buy any, but they did. Since that time I have had many open houses. I've met lots of great people, and gained some return collectors too through those gatherings. I'm still tickled pink when my paintings leave me and find a home elsewhere. 


For those of you who "liked" my Facebook page during my "Happy 150th bitrhday Canada" art give away, the maple leaves went to Sylvan Lake, Alta. So, yes, I did get my 150 "likes" on Facebook. I'm happy to get more likes, so if you didn't add your name yet, be sure to do so now. 


If you aren't able to come to the open house, you are welcome to purchase a painting via this site. For those 2 days, I am comp'ing the cost of shipping. Just contact me via this site and I will arrange that for you. 


Although it's early, Christmas is sneaking up pretty fast. I'd like to wish all of you a very merry season, and hope that you have a wonderful time with family and friends. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU !!!

Happy 150th Canada Day. Sixty years ago my family immigrated to Canada from England. I was 9 at the time, and recall thinking I was moving to a land full of igloos and cows - hmm. OK. Little did I know then how proud I would be of this very special country of ours. I paint with this pride in my mind. 


I am currently doing a painting on a 12x12 inch canvas block - photo here - still some finishing to do. My thought today is to have a draw on this painting, that commemorates Canada's 150th. I am aiming to have 150 likes on my Facebook  page, at which time I will draw from the names of those of you who have added your name to my page (as well as those who are already on it ). Make sure you like the PAGE, not the post. I'd love your help in this. Also, if you can suggest my page to friends who you think would enjoy following me, I would be most appreciative. If those friends like my page and let me know who referred them, I will add your name again to the "hat" so you get a better chance of winning this painting. 


So let's get this started shall we ? Go to PaintingsbyCecilia on Facebook and “like” my page. When my likes reach 150, I will draw one name. It could be yours - if you like my page. 

For the next 5 days, until Oct 26, I have 10 canvases on my Facebook Business page that I have posted at 40% off the regular price. This is something I like to try to do once a year, and Christmas is a lovley time to do it. It's a time to give, and that's my gift to those of you who enjoy my work - a discount - for a limited time. 


My business page on Facebook is  https://www.facebook.com/PaintingsByCecilia/ The 10 paintings are there with a photo, the reduced price and the size of each. While you are there checking out the art you'd love to purchase :-) I'd sure appreciate you giving a "like" to the site. 


The painting below - After The Storm - is one of the oil paintings. It's on an 18 x 24 inch canvas, regularly $435.00 - The Christmas Special Price is $260.00. It isn't framed, and the price does not include shipping. 


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