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Happy 150th Canada Day. Sixty years ago my family immigrated to Canada from England. I was 9 at the time, and recall thinking I was moving to a land full of igloos and cows - hmm. OK. Little did I know then how proud I would be of this very special country of ours. I paint with this pride in my mind. 


I am currently doing a painting on a 12x12 inch canvas block - photo here - still some finishing to do. My thought today is to have a draw on this painting, that commemorates Canada's 150th. I am aiming to have 150 likes on my Facebook  page, at which time I will draw from the names of those of you who have added your name to my page (as well as those who are already on it ). Make sure you like the PAGE, not the post. I'd love your help in this. Also, if you can suggest my page to friends who you think would enjoy following me, I would be most appreciative. If those friends like my page and let me know who referred them, I will add your name again to the "hat" so you get a better chance of winning this painting. 


So let's get this started shall we ? Go to PaintingsbyCecilia on Facebook and “like” my page. When my likes reach 150, I will draw one name. It could be yours - if you like my page. 

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