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Well, it's been a full year for sure. We moved the end of August from Revelstoke, BC, to Radium Hot Springs, BC. It's been great, and we are so pleased we made the move. I'm back into singing in the comuunity choir, and I even have my very own art workspace. I have set up a gallery in our walk out basement, and I am amped up for an open house Dec 1 & 2 here to show off my new place and my work. If you are in the area, you can either send me an email here through the web site, or check my Facebook Page for location, and times. Everyone is welcome. If you come you may be lucky enough to meet our neighbours, who hang around here almost daily. They are a band of Rocky Mountain Big Horn sheep. We have had as many as 20 males here at a time, many of them full curl. It's pretty special. 


When we lived here in the Columbia Valley 20 plus years ago, I held my first ever open house which was not well attended at all, but I was flabergasted when I sold some paintings. I never thought anyone would buy any, but they did. Since that time I have had many open houses. I've met lots of great people, and gained some return collectors too through those gatherings. I'm still tickled pink when my paintings leave me and find a home elsewhere. 


For those of you who "liked" my Facebook page during my "Happy 150th bitrhday Canada" art give away, the maple leaves went to Sylvan Lake, Alta. So, yes, I did get my 150 "likes" on Facebook. I'm happy to get more likes, so if you didn't add your name yet, be sure to do so now. 


If you aren't able to come to the open house, you are welcome to purchase a painting via this site. For those 2 days, I am comp'ing the cost of shipping. Just contact me via this site and I will arrange that for you. 


Although it's early, Christmas is sneaking up pretty fast. I'd like to wish all of you a very merry season, and hope that you have a wonderful time with family and friends. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU !!!

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