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Hello dear art friends, 


The snow has arrived in the Invermere Valley which means, my Christmas Art Show and Sale is just around the corner.

It is scheduled for

Nov 30 and Dec 1 from 10 - 5


If you are interested in purchasing a painting this year, I have a new idea that you will love: discounts from 10 % - 40% will go in a jar for each person to pull one out when they arrive. I will have 50 coupons in there and everyone will get at the very least 10% off on those 2 days ONLY to use for any sized painting, a set of 5 art cards, or a mini painting (2x2 or 3x5 inch on its own teeny easel). 


For those of you who can’t physically make it, you can take part too. I will make up an identical jar with the same discount amounts and if you email, or message on Nov 30 or Dec 1, I will pull one of the coupons out for you. I’ll get back to you with your discount. There’s no obligation to buy. But this is a one time thing so will only be good for those 2 days. 


I’ve posted all available paintings on my Facebook page Paintings by Cecilia (not my personal page). There’s a link here on my web site. Be sure to go have a look at them all. There are over 40 posted now. While you are there please “like” my business page if you have not done so already. I’d sure appreciate that. It’s the “like” button at the top of the whole page, bottom left on the photo where I am painting plein air at Lake O’Hara.


Let me help you make your Christmas shopping easier this year, and send me an email, or a message me on  Nov 30 or Dec 1. Who knows, you may get a 40% off coupon, and there’s also 30, 25, 20 and 15 %’s in there too, so chances are you can save a bundle. I hope you do. 


I’ve inserted the painting I worked on in the David Langevin workshop I did at Bear Valley, by Lumby, BC. Super workshop by the way. I highly recommend David as an instructor. I did say in my last blog I would put it on here soon. Seems 5 months goes spinning by. I have done lots of painting though, and we were gone for some time in there too, so I’m not too remorseful about being late. I’ve had a super year. 




Enjoy the season with friends, family, and loved ones.



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