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I have the honour of being the Featured Artist on the Artist Run website blog. It will be posted on March 5, 2019. I received an email last week announcing this, which was a lovely surprise. 




If you click on the link above on March 5, and after that time, it should take you directly to the blog. If not, please let me know. I’d like to thank Dallas Jeffs for her nicely written Art Portfolio. 


I have been working on some special art pieces for the past couple of months. Both our daughters were married fairly recently. Vanessa, in December 2017, and Heather in Oct 2018. Both were asking for paintings as a wedding gift. 


I have finished Heather’s, which is a mountain scene in Patagonia, a place they loved when they travelled through on their 2 year around the world trip on their BMW motorcycles. I will give it to Heather and Dave when we visit them in their new house in Bellingham, this April. 


Vanessa and Omar’s painting is just in the initial stages. I have sketched it out. It will be a challenge. She is a landscape designer and wants a canvas done of a 5-acre garden she has created and maintained for the past dozen years. She sent many photographs of what she wants recorded when this heritage house and land sells. It is listed now. Where the challenge lies is to place her ideas on the canvas to make it realistic. These photos are from different angles, have different light, are taken at different times of year, and there are parts in them she does not want. She is making me use my brain on this one. But, time to stop procrastinating, and get started. Wish me success. 


I will put photos of them on my web site, and Facebook page,  once I have delivered them to my girls. 


Meanwhile, I am looking to find some warmer weather in our forecast. It’s been a very chilly winter here in the Columbia Valley. Stay warm, spring is supposed to be here this month.  




Playing with tones. This is an 8x10 done on board using 2 colours only, dioxazine purple, and quinacridone/Nickel Azo Gold. 

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