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After a fabulous month holiday in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia it appears I have material for at least 3 dozen paintings. Last week I finished a 16x20 oils of a cool old boat beside a little red fishing shack. This week I have a good start on a beautiful bright, new dory, and a bright orange ocean sunset, using the photgraph below as my reference. 


 All three new paintings are Newfoundland scenes. 


We put 5,500 km on our rental car - unlimited mileage thank goodness -  in Newfoundland alone. We were there 3 weeks and although we covered a goodly amount, we barely touched the southern part of that unbelievably scenic province. And the people there are delightful, so very helpful and friendly. It was an amazing place to visit and I have to say, it should be on every Canadian’s bucket list. I have just finished going through over 1000 digital photos, and trying to figure which ones to set aside for future paintings. So many tough decisions. 


From Newfoundland we headed over to Nova Scotia to visit for a week with our daughter and her husband. We arrived the day before Dorian blew in, and watched it from the safety of our hotel window. Lots of trees down after, many were huge,  but Nova Scotians take it in stride, and just pull out the chain saws.


Now I am back into the swing of being an artist. The three oil paintings  I am working on will debut at my 3rd annual Radium Christmas Open House, coming up the end of November, along with a few acrylic scenes I will paint in the next few weeks. If you are on my email list, you will receive an email with the dates for this event, which is growing yearly. I have now extended the “bonuses” for those unable to attend in person. If you aren’t on my email list, just go into “contact me” on this site, and I’ll add you. That way you won’t miss any special events I have over the year. I don't send many emails over the year, so won't oveload you. 


For the month of November I will have a dozen or more paintings up at the Invermere Family Chiropractic. Even if you don’t have joint pains you can have a look at the display, they are happy to promote local artists.

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