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For the past month I have been posting one of my paintings everyday on my facebook page - Paintings by Cecilia. My thought is to reach out to those following my page with a piece of art that would hopefully lift the spirits, or at least give something else to enjoy and take our minds off the challenging times we are going through.


I started posting on March 22, and my original post stated that I would post a painting daily until our time to stay at home has passed. I may have been too bold in saying this. I have over 200 paintings that I can post, so really hope I will not have to post them all.  


So, please join me if you haven't already, check out my facebook page and follow along with others who appear to be enjoying the daily post. "Like" my page too while there if you would. Leave a comment too if you'd like. 


During this time I am still selling my paintings on line and will ship them out within Canada and the USA for free, and to other countries for a low cost. With June weddings coming up which will certainly be changed in how they will be celebrated, I can either send a chosen painting out to you, or directly to the couple to be married. And do remember each piece has a 15 day return policy, if it is not a piece that fits with their new home, or they can exchange it for another. For wedding gifts I will extend that return policy to 30 days. It's a win, win situation: You don't have to go shopping but can still present them with a lovely  gift that will last a lifetime, and they have a beautiful reminder of how much you mean to them, plus a piece of art to place on bare new home walls. I also have gift cards available. 


I hope you have found good projects or things to do to pass your time at home. 


Be thoughtful and stay safe. 

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