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Hello my art friends. 


How good to be into March. Somehow even though there is still snow on the ground life just feels so much better. I hope you are enjoying the thought that spring is almost here and we can start going outside again. 


Last year when we were forced inside with Covid, I started posting my Colours for Covid Daily Painting, along with a short story about each piece. I posted 90 different paintings over three consecutive months, in 2020. The idea was really well received so I was prompted to do it again. Last month, I once again began posting a daily photo of a piece of my artwork. I’m not sure if I can match the 90 quota from last year, but I’m giving it a good try.  My hope was/is, to bring some colour and happiness, using art, into your lives as we slog our way through this pandemic.


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I also recently started copying some the posts on Instagram too. I’m getting way more “techy” than I ever thought I would have to, and still way too much to learn, but hopefully these links will work for you. 




This past month, I joined an online art gallery - Pacific Art Market. It is located on West Broadway, in Vancouver, but also has an online presence, which was of interest to me. I have several paintings represented there, and more will be added in the coming months. By using the link below it should take you directly to my artwork, right below the page for the gallery. 





As most of you probably have,  I’ve been spending a fair amount of my time online this past year. Yesterday’s National news had a piece showing how so many people are doing Zoom business meetings from home now, that many are shopping online for an appropriate work of art to hang as a backdrop in their rooms they have set up in their houses where they now conduct their business. What a cool idea, I really hope it takes off. Art is such a wonderful means of communication, so stands to reason it can add much to a Zoom meeting. People are putting a lot of thought into the business persona they want to portray using Zoom. Who would have thought? I love it. 


As always, I wish you good health, and hope you are all coping well. We’ve had a long go, but I believe we are seeing light at the end of this crazy tunnel.



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