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I am doing some deep thinking about my art and have listened to several pod casts and looked up information on line for help. I can't believe how involved life has become since we have incorporated computers into our daily lives, and I have become more involved with them than I am comfortable being. If there are any of you out there who feel the same, let me know I am not the only person overwhelmed with being controlled by technology. 


But, I digress. I did listen to a recent pod cast that made some sense on some of its' points. One that it brought out was that an artist should stick to one subject, i.e. portraits, abstract, human form, food, etc.


I consider myself a landscape artist primarily, but, I have enjoyed doing some human form work, and really love doing old buildings and equipment. So, do I zero in on landscapes only? or do I play around with other subject matter? That's my question to you. Let me know your thoughts, whether you are an artist or not, I'd love some feedback, from all angles. 



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