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I am very pleased to anounce my painting Cruisin' for a Bruisin' was accepted into the Nov 1 - 14 show at the Federation of Canadian Artists Gallery at Granville Island.


This is a juried show. I received the following from the Federation..... "Congratulations! Your artwork is approved for inclusion in the 2021 Animalis Exhibition. Of 196 submitted works, your piece was of the top 76 selected for inclusion in the live exhibition at the gallery on Granville Island in Vancouver, Canada". 


This acrylic painting is of one of the beautiful rams that I can watch on occassion, literally a few feet from the windows of my studio. They climb up a pathway from Sinclair Creek below.  Their path comes out in our back lawn. Although this guy looks like a tough customer, these amazing rams are very tolerant of us, know our dog is not a threat, and will even be courteous enough to pose for photos to be used as future paintings. My husband took his photo for me. 


The show runs Nov 1 - 14, and is also posted online. If interested, it will be availabe through the Federation Gallery - sales@artists.ca




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