Painting Greywhiskers - Monument Valley, Utah. by Cecilia Lea

Greywhiskers - Monument Valley, Utah.

Plein air painting 11x14 This painting was done on site at Utah's Monument Valley. I set up my brand new French easel on the sandy desert floor, and spent the afternoon painting happily. By supper time the air had changed, and clouds were scuddling around. I decided I had better pack up. As I put my paint brushes away, the wind began to blow in earnest, and the sky took on a reddish grey hue. I decided I'd best make haste and turned to my easel just in time to see it fold over in slow motion. One of the legs had buckled in the wind, and down went the painting, the pallet, paints and all. To make matters worse, the painting had landed wet side up in the sand. Being of a calm personality, I said some pointed words, marched everything over to the RV, and threw it in just as a massive dust storm enveloped the camper waking up my snoozing husband with a start. I finished it some time later with the sand still embedded in the paint. Gives is character......... 

$170.00 CAD