Painting Rim Waterfalls #1 - 9x12 oils by Cecilia Lea

Rim Waterfalls #1 - 9x12 oils

This is a plein air painting done at Durrand Lodge. If you have a chance to go to this lodge grab it, it’s a fabulous place and is open for winter skiing as well as summer hiking. This particular morning, I had chosen to paint alone while my husband and our friend joined in with the others group for a hike far across the valley from the area I was exploring with my paint brush.  I made myself comfy and set up my easel on the Durrand Bridge. All around me the flowers were out and adding to the spectacle of the falls which seem to spring from nowhere. Lying on the ledge above these falls are Kala Lakes, a catch basin for the Allalin Glacier above them. The icy water pours over the rock and cascades down to the valley where I was enjoying my sunny spot on the wooden planks of the bridge.  Such a striking place to paint away the morning

$130.00 CAD