Oil painting Sambouka Pond - Golden Mountain Holidays by Cecilia Lea

Sambouka Pond - Golden Mountain Holidays

plein air oil painting - 12x16 inches - unframed

Five fellow painters and I flew via  helicopter into Vista Lodge, owned by Golden Alpine Holidays out of Golden, BC, for three days of painting. I was able to complete three plein air paintings while there. My last full day there I did this one. My reason for naming it Sambouka Pond (not its’ real name) was: after an hour or so of painting,  I decided to take a photograph to record the scene and found my brand new camera was missing. After a frantic search, and returning to where I had been painting earlier that day, I made my way back to the to the lodge.  There I  found it, where I had left it that morning, on my bunk. I also found my bottle of Sambouka and Rye that I had brought up for my evening libations, so I returned with it to the area where two other artists were still painting. As they had helped in the search, I passed the bottle around. We did good work after that. 

$195.00 CAD