Oil painting Scarlet Legacy - Dempster Highway, Yukon by Cecilia Lea

Scarlet Legacy - Dempster Highway, Yukon

This oil painting is done on a 36 x 24 inch  deep canvas. If you haven't been to the Yukon, you must go, especially in the fall with the glorious colours marching up the slopes like a patchwork quilt. If you have been there, did you go along the Dempster Highway ? This is a scene in the Tombstone Mountains area. A violent storm was brewing, full of evil portent. We were setting up our tent when it struck with a vengeance,  leaving us holding the tent poles down physically as we hadn’t been able to hammer the pegs in yet. Very uncomfortable position in a lightning storm ! However, the storm rapidly swept through, and the sun came out below the heavy cloud and touched the mountains. We were enraptured by the superb beauty of the place. 

$1,245.00 CAD